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Product Overview

European fir Santos rose wood

While exploring music and studying the guitar, we are also exploring the inner part of how a guitar can be a friend or confidant.

To this point, the Truman Flyer1880 full single series was born.

When Sitika Spruce encounters the East Indian rose Wood, it is the classic standard, which can strike a more wonderful performance on the timbre.

We know that Sitika Spruce is one of the most classic materials as a folk guitar panel, with a clearer bass, crisp and penetrating treble than the Stegman spruce. When paired with the gentle sound of the East Indian rose Wood, you will find his low-frequency abnormal calm, and have a strong overtone of flying Rob, so that the whole guitar in the playing process has a good performance, strong but not weak, clear but not sharp, penetrating strong but not too dry.

This provides the most choice for those musicians who are willing to try and innovate, and will not be limited to the style of a certain kind of music, experience more ways, different experiences.

Flyer1880 as a full single, whether it is a one-piece neck plus five pieces of technology to ensure the stability of the harp, or the embedded process of the mouth wheel, are the stability of the piano and beautiful to achieve a near perfect. And the knob, in the maintenance of the unique shape of the Chu gate under the premise of the use of 1:20 of the lock string Chord button, after the lid inlaid with a white agate, exquisite and noble.

On the Rose Wood Finger board with Bai inlaid with bird pattern, Bai transparent texture, birds vividly on the finger board.

Look at the birds, as if to look at another oneself, life is not a stage, everyone with shackles in the dance, how to break free from bondage, to jump out of others set the rules, follow the heart, do yourself, to chase dreams, to fly.

Product Details

Bucket: GS-Type GS-type missing corner Panel: AAA Grade European Spruce
back panel: AAA grade East India Rose Wood Neck: all-in-one African peach Blossom + Rose wood German five-spell process
adjusting lever: Australian neck adjustment Technology Neck Thickness: 20.5mm-22.5mm (1f-10f)
finger PLATE: Rose Wood/43*55mm finger-plate inlay: Bai Bird pattern Mosaic
bottom code: Rose Wood Chrome: Mahogany Chamfer + mahogany by hand
Mouth wheel Flower: abalone Shell + Shadow Maple Tree manual mosaic painting: Hand-painted HD varnish
Piano Logo: Baiyi bay logo+ Bai bird pattern mosaic Upper and lower pillow: high-grade real cow bone
strings: Ilix hexagonal phosphor copper Elixir 012-053 chord Length: 648mm±2mm
Chord button: Taiwan custom 20 Turn Agate cover gold-plated chord with lock chord Piano tip: 2mm Brazilian cocoa Pineapple

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