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Product Overview

Series Spruce Peach blossom Heart "low-key and extraordinary"

As a surface single starting 25 series without too much decoration, back to the wood itself, we are to create a clear and bright sound playing piano.

The uses the Sitika Spruce panel and the African Peach Blossom back side, the body of the piano unique color treatment, the appearance of the guitar plus points, but also to the stage to add a bright spot, the center of the neck five points Matt to the head, the end of the handle at the ends of the light over, to a large extent to ensure the comfort of the left hand performance. Look at the near and graceful, far view exquisite exquisite, and then use the precious purple-red cocoa pineapple do mouth wheel mosaic, the finishing touch.

Other configurations from the introduction of the German five-stroke process to the internal process of the piano, the use of the Truman Unified Standard will no longer say, the guitar using the unique security of the Truman-sealed gold-plated string button, low-key highlight extraordinary.

And Chu door round flowers for the first time using handmade inlaid cocoa pineapple wood and Jane with the Mosaic method. We know that the aperture standard data for the sound hole is 100mm, the mouth Wheel of the Chu-door guitar is inlaid by hand, which extends directly from the inner diameter of the hole, which we call the inner inlay process, which is very high because it is very easy to cause the whole panel to be scrapped along with the wood collapse.

From material configuration, to performance needs, the Truman 25 series Spruce Peach blossom Heart has become one of the best choice of single board, low-key but extraordinary. When we put more preparation on the design of the guitar itself, but in a simple and unadorned display of his unique temperament.

Product Details

Bucket: D-type/C-missing Panel: North American Sitikayun Single Board
back panel: African Peach Blossom Heart Neck: German neck five spelling process
Adjustable bar: 420MM bidirectional/sound hole inner adjustment Neck Thickness: 20.5mm-22.5mm (1f-10f)
finger PLATE: Rose Wood/43*55mm Finger Panel inlay: 4mm White pearl shell Tone Point
bottom code: Rose Wood Chrome: Rose Wood chamfer
Hand-wheel flower: Brazilian cocoa Pineapple + Precious Shell manual mosaic Painting: 12 times light PE paint manual painting
Piano Logo: Baiyi Bay Guitar head Patch: 2mm Rose wood
Upper and lower pillow: high-grade real cow bone strings: American d ' Addario EXP16 012-053
chord Length: 648mm±2mm string button: Taiwan custom high precision chrome plated string

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