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Spruce Mahogany Table Bottom list

How to create a natural belongs to the stage of the electric Box Qin, we have been thinking about the issue, the 850 series of the appearance of the electric box, seems to explain everything.

We spend a lot of time and energy on pickup. TX-6 pickup is based on the characteristics of the Truman products, repeated after many musicians debugging, repeated optimization of the circuit parameters to build. Whether it's a play or a mix of playing boards, there's a unique performance. and the Pickup mixer knob has become a new patent.

The 850 series of hidden "black technology", from the Pickup TX-6 circuit board in the built-in mixer, this is the electric box guitar real killer! A complex mixer, condensed to a small circuit board, its difficult to imagine, compatibility, precision, timbre effect are we want to conquer the technical problems. And the strength of TX-6 is that built-in mixer equipped with 8 output tuning channel, a full range of fine adjustment, musicians can be based on different materials, configuration, barrel-shaped different timbre characteristics, deployment of an optimal sound program, each piano voice, are unique, which undoubtedly gave the musicians the most perfect stage expression!

Not only that, TX-6 excellent dual-pickup system with high-precision school sound, the accuracy of the calibration reached ±2cents. Pressure-sensing sound bar The use of high-quality piezoelectric films produced in the United States as a core material, truly from 20Hz to 20KHz without differential response, can be clear, thorough restoration of every detail of the play, to a greater extent for different styles of musicians and music to provide customized services. At the same time, one was produced by the Pasteur Sound Laboratory, professional guitar to pick up the sound of the microphone, treble clearer, full tenor, bass rich, audio more trenchant, tone more harmonious, not only to meet the need to play board, but also for any style of music deduction has increased the dynamic and space sense.

We give the same attention to configuration and craftsmanship. In the choice of wood, 850 is the CHU door product system and a single configuration of the piano, the use of North American Sitika Spruce veneer to do panels, African mahogany veneer to do the back plate, classic collocation, but is almost the entire single voice level, is perfect.

Rose wood finger plate, mosaic Bai grape leaf pattern, avoid too much decoration, simple without losing exquisite, highlighting fashion generous, and then to hand-sprayed high-definition light paint, Taiwan custom high-precision gold-plated strings, but also to the entire body has a visual impact, tension full.

Product Details

bucket: GS MINI panel: African Mahogany veneer
backplane: African mahogany veneer side panel: African Peach Blossom Heart
Neck: African peach Blossom + Rose wood German five-spell process Adjustable bar: 420MM bidirectional/sound hole inner adjustment
Neck Thickness: 20.5mm-22.5mm (1f-10f) finger PLATE: Rose Wood/43*55mm
Finger Panel inlay: 4mm white pearl shell mosaic Sound point bottom code: Rose Wood
Chrome: Rose Wood chamfer Hand-wheel flower: Brazilian cocoa Pineapple + Precious Shell manual mosaic
Painting: 12 times light PE paint manual painting Piano Logo: Baiyi Bay
Guitar head Patch: 2mm Rose wood Upper and lower pillow: high-grade real cow bone
strings: American d ' Addario EXP16 012-053 chord Length: 648mm±2mm
string button: Taiwan custom high precision chrome-plated chord button

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