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Product Overview

Santos 1852 Series European fir Santos rose wood

Top wood to create the ultimate classic, 1852 Santos rose Wood series is undoubtedly one of the most classic products in the Truman Guitar product system.

Santos Rose Wood produced in South America, also known as Sandalwood, South America, after the ban on the export of Brazilian rose wood, commonly used Santos rose wood instead of Baro, see Santos's precious place.

Focus or Santos's voice, Santos air of the voice orientation, at the same time has a richer overtone, sound reflects the sensitive level of prominent, gentle strong, very textured. Compared to Indian Rose Wood, in the middle of the treble less a trace of turbidity, it is more clear. However, as Santos rose Wood hardness is relatively large, the process of making the piano more stringent requirements, more difficult, the Truman guitar in overcoming the difficulties in the piano, the musicians brought a more excellent sound experience.

While the European spruce texture is straight, the structure is meticulous and uniform, white and refreshing, only from the visual to bring a good enjoyment, the density and hardness of the European FIR Moderate, which also determines its sound range is relatively wide, high and full and clear, bass strong. The combination of two kinds of classic wood makes the sound of the whole piano have explosive power and control.

In fact, 1852 at the beginning of the concept, on the issue of innovation and inheritance, in order to create the ultimate full single characteristics. Truman is a flower, the 1852 series Santos rose Wood did not use conventional maple or ordinary rose wood to do package edge, and chose mahogany. Mahogany by hand and wrapping, for the guitar to consider the ultimate, easy to play and features. Qin's flower is inlaid with Jane, the finger-plate inlaid white pearl-shell handwriting "Santos" unique, low-key and elegant, hand and art coexist, highlight the extraordinary.

Ebony finger plate with standard tension of the Ilix hexagonal phosphorus copper strings, for Santos voice transmission and expressiveness added another layer. Ilix Unique coating brings the ultimate feel, so that the strings in bringing more excellent vibration at the same time, but also reduce the hands of the obstacles.

The 1852 as the most representative of the Truman guitar, not only because of the wood configuration, not only the process and innovation, but also not only the ultimate control of details, but it is the best, precisely the most suitable combination in together, so it can always bring you déjà vu feeling.

Product Details

Bucket: JF Panel: AAA-grade European Spruce veneer
back panel: AAA-grade Santos rose veneer veneer Neck: all-in-one African peach Blossom + Rose wood German five-spell process
adjusting lever: Australian neck adjustment Technology Neck Thickness: 20.5mm-22.5mm (1f-10f)
Finger-board: Ebony/43*55mm Finger panel inlay: white pearl shell inlay handwriting
Code: Ebony Chrome: Mahogany Chamfer + mahogany by hand
Mouth wheel Flower: abalone Shell + Shadow Maple Tree manual mosaic Painting: 12 times light PE paint manual painting
Piano Logo: Baiyi logo+ color bay mosaic strings: Ilix hexagonal phosphor copper Elixir 012-053
Upper and lower pillow: high-grade real cow bone string button: Taiwan custom high precision gold-plated chord button
chord Length: 648mm±2mm

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