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Product Overview

Spruce Rose Wood

The Spruce Rose Wood is a guitar that all good musicians must have, and Truman did it to the extreme.

The Spruce Rose wood is widely used in many music hands as a classic configuration because it can easily adapt to a variety of performance requirements. So this classic configuration has also become the best choice for consumers.

The Truman 68 series Spruce rose Wood Panel uses the North American Sitika Spruce, it has a clear timbre, and a wide range of sound dynamic performance, different from the British Stegman spruce texture is softer, Sitika hardness, density more, so in the Sitika after the sound, there will be more direct and strong voice feedback, explosive power full. And Rose wood, sound full, bass vigorous, sound three-dimensional multi-level, in the fast-paced genre, awe-inspiring bass essential! Sitika spruce and rose wood combination, mutual make up resonance excellent, very suitable for a strong sense of rhythm of the genre performance.

Truman Series Guitar Neck introduced the German hand-neck five-spell process, to ensure the absolute stability of the neck, not only that, D68 as a light veneer, the neck part of the paint used by the middle of the 5-point closed Matt to two light over the practice, The purpose of this is to ensure a large degree of the left hand playing part of the neck feel good touch. We know that the light paint is thick, and when playing, the slight perspiration on the hand will cause the resistance of the grip, and the appearance of Matt Neck solves this problem.

The light body is enough to make you the focus of the stage, without fear of the bad touch of the neck to bring you the performance increase tension, the both worlds.

Rose wood veneer excellent resonance and stability is the greatest pursuit of the guitar player's heart, in order to ensure better stability, the Truman guitar for the first time introduced the Australian Neck Adjustment technology, will adjust the position in the guitar inside position, avoiding the sound hole above the panel sound beam, the use of quality wrench to adjust, It effectively protects the volume structure integrity and stability of the position panel of the connecting handle to the sound hole.

And in the piano 14° angle out, increase and draw on the United States piano Guitar v reinforcement design, after repeated testing and experiments, with the help of CNC precision machining methods, to a large extent to ensure the strength of the piano.

Product Details

bucket: JF type/JF Corner panel: AA-grade North American Sitika Spruce veneer
back panel: AA Grade Rose Wood Neck: African peach Blossom + Rose wood German neck five spelling process
Adjustable bar: 420MM bidirectional/sound hole inner adjustment Neck Thickness: 20.5mm-22.5mm (1f-10f)
finger PLATE: Rose Wood/43*55mm Finger Panel inlay: 4mm White pearl shell Tone Point
bottom code: Rose Wood Chrome: Rose Wood chamfer
Mouth wheel Flower: abalone Shell + cocoa pineapple handmade mosaic Painting: 12 times light PE paint manual painting
Piano Logo: Baiyi Bay Upper and lower pillow: high-grade real cow bone
strings: American d ' Addario EXP16 012-053 chord Length: 648mm±2mm
string button: Taiwan custom high precision chrome-plated chord button

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