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Product Overview

All peach blossom heart

There is no doubt that this is a full list.

We know that in fact, the most important part of a guitar timbre is actually the panel, followed by the bottom plate, the bottom sheet is in addition to the side plate, up and down are single board. It appears to make a single board in the configuration with a new experience, the use of such a combination can make a single table to achieve close to the entire single sound performance, and directly in the cost of effective control, can say, this is a full list! It's the most of both worlds.

Seamless all mahogany wood with a single experience beyond imagination. African Mahogany flavor outstanding, medium and Low frequency outstanding, the timbre is direct but not sharp, in the quick finger the good performance. So in the design of the whole peach Blossom list, we hope that the medium and low frequency timbre play to the extreme, in the neck, the internal structure of the two structures using the same material African peach blossom, so that the 50 series of guitar in the overall resonance to get more direct feedback, medium and low frequency timbre can give people a transparent, comfortable and quiet feeling.

Manual polishing process, is the 50 series of the three-dimensional sense of the source and support, it makes every guitar more layered but different. And the High-definition Crystal Light paint technology, clear and transparent paint, refraction of the whole single sunshine warmth. A fast-paced life may disturb your mood, you can in the warmth of the peach blossom Heart to find out, the appropriate people's silk polishing, fondle the fingertips Touch, the German hand-neck five hard work of practical stability, hand-inlaid mouth wheel features, set many crafts in a unique.

If the North American Sitika sound feels more like a passionate day, the African Peach blossom feels more like spring. Yes, the Truman 50 series Full Peach blossom Heart is designed for warm lyrical style.

The notes of the Flying in the city air, hidden in the towering reinforced concrete, and the shouting of the crowd, the car whistle. The street high decibel sound, perhaps only the peach blossom heart warm can hit the heart resonance.

Product Details

bucket: Type D/om/GS MINI panel: African Mahogany veneer
backplane: African mahogany veneer side panel: African Peach Blossom Heart
Neck: African peach Blossom + Rose wood German five-spell process Adjustable bar: 420MM bidirectional/sound hole inner adjustment
Neck Thickness: 20.5mm-22.5mm (1f-10f) finger PLATE: Rose Wood/43*55mm
Finger Panel inlay: 4mm white pearl shell mosaic Sound point bottom code: Rose Wood
Chrome: Rose Wood chamfer Hand-wheel flower: Brazilian cocoa Pineapple + Precious Shell manual mosaic
Painting: 12 times light PE paint manual painting Piano Logo: Baiyi Bay
Guitar head Patch: 2mm Rose wood Upper and lower pillow: high-grade real cow bone
strings: American d ' Addario EXP16 012-053 chord Length: 648mm±2mm
string button: Taiwan custom high precision chrome-plated chord button

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