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Product Overview


Brief introduction:

Let the music Walk Alone and enjoy the sun's freedom. Universal fast-paced life, travel is undoubtedly the best way to relax, Chu special launched two full single travel of the entire single piano, Sunshine Stars, Sunshine and Starry sky, is to hope that people in the busy pace of life slow down, enjoy the most authentic nature, the most generous gifts.
The panel uses the Stegman spruce, Shadow Acacia Wood to do the back side, the British Stegman compared to Sitika, the timbre of the English Stegman reflected more quickly, easy to drive, with a richer and more powerful overtone composition, can control rich and some of the more complex timbre performance, acacia wood density is high, the overall high frequency full, intermediate frequency is also better, Sweet Voice gives a lively and joyful feeling.
Spruce with Acacia wood, Sunshine brings a bright and clear sound experience, in the Mini travel is the most suitable but, as the sun bathed in the morning, cheerful and happy, the beginning of the day, as the new look like.

Product Details

Bucket:  gs Mini Panel:   aaa Grade Stegman Spruce Single Board
dorsal panel: AAA Grade Import Shadow Acacia wood neck:  African peach Blossom + Rose wood German five-spell process
adjusting lever:  Australian neck adjustment technology Neck Thickness:  20.5mm-22.5mm (1f-10f)
finger plate:  Rose Wood Wrapping Edge: Mahogany
bottom code:  rose Wood Edge:  Mahogany Chamfer + mahogany by hand
Mouth wheel Flower: abalone Shell + Shadow Maple Tree manual mosaic painting:  Manual spraying HD varnish
Piano Logo: Baiyi Shellfish logo+ sun Shell pattern string:  Ilix hexagonal phosphorus copper Elixir 012-053
top and bottom pillow:  high-grade real cow bone string button:  Taiwan custom high precision gold plated chord button
chord Length: 590mm±2mm  

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